Business Sectors

Investment Consulting

As Global Partners,we offer you reliable and successful solutions in the fields of Construction, Tourism, Real Estate, Energy and Industry and Financial solutions.


We offer financial solutions in construction, tourism, industry, and especially real estate purchases.


As Global Partners, we provide finance to successful investments in this field. We work as a company that reaches a wide audience with its products and services.

Real Estate

As Global Partners, we aim to grow our company in this field by incorporating various real estate projects with financial solutions.


We contribute to the increment of the Turkish economy by adding hotels and touristic facilities in the field of tourism, reaching international standards and providing even more employment opportunities for all.


The growth of the economy brings with it the development of countries and the improvement of living standards.


As Global Partners, we aim to contribute to find financial solutions fot the industry to develop and grow in the machinery sector by targeting modern technology and we strive to provide employment in this platform.